first frost

The first real snow of the season is a little magical. I woke up the other morning, looked out the window and everything looked like it was covered with sugar. No matter how many times winter comes around, this is always a moment of wonder for me. I think of Christmas decorations, and sledding down hills and drinking absurd amounts of hot chocolate while looking out the window. Of course, eventually the streets will be a sludgy mess, and the snow will be a nuisance. I decided to capture the vibe before that happens.

I didn't have a great deal of time before work,  but that turned out totally fine. I grabbed the  Mamiya RB67, a good choice for a couple reasons. First, I didn't have a huge amount of time, and finishing a roll of 10 photos is much easier than finishing a roll of 24 or 36 as I would have to if I shot one of my 35mm cameras. Medium format images also have this special something that I can't properly describe. I wanted a very specific tone and texture for these shots. Kodak Portra 160 was my weapon of choice.  This might be my favorite film in the larger format. It gives me this dreamy sort of look, without looking overdone. It handles overexposure quite well. In fact, I prefer to shoot it this way intentionally. It gave the snow the pillowy soft look, while still preserving the texture of the leaves and trees perfectly.  It's also a lot easier to scan than some other color films (I'm looking at you Portra 400). 

Enough talking though. Enjoy this short moment in time, then go out and find your own and capture it.