Allow me to reintroduce myself


Let's start with the important things shall we? I'm a photographer from the great city of Cleveland, Ohio. 

I've been taking pictures for as long as I can remember. I started out wandering the streets of Collinwood with a Polaroid camera. I found photography to be a form of meditation. It balanced my introverted nature with my desire to explore. I could be out in the world, in a sea of people, but never feel like I was forced to interact. The camera did the impossible. It brought me closer to the world, but also provided a shield from it.  It's the one thing I've always come back to, no matter what new things I pick up over the years. So here I am. 

These days, I mostly shoot film,  but I still break out the digital for some projects. I don't think one is automatically better than the other. Each has it's own feel and it's own workflow. Just different tools for different jobs. I don't like to limit myself to just one thing if I can help it, as evidenced by the fact that refuse to practice just one type of photography. You might find a little bit of everything here.

 I'm Christopher. Nice to meet you.