alone in the rain

This was an absolutely miserable day. It was cold, rainy, windy and all around nasty.  On the photography side, those kinds of days can create a nice mood for your shots, provided you don't ruin your camera, or slip and fall on your ass.

I did in fact fall on my ass once, slipping down a hill trying to get one of these shots, but luckily for me, nobody was around anyway because of the rain. Thanks Mother Nature. 

These were shot on Kodak Portra 400 and my Nikon L35AF point and shoot.

This is quickly becoming my go-to for impromptu photo walks. The L35s lens produces some absolutely great visuals for it's size. It's both sharp and soft in just the right way. There's a texture to the images. Portra....well, it's Portra. Great in nearly any lighting situation, flexible in development, and it scans pretty well. What's not to like?

Enjoy this short walk along the shores of Lake Erie.