Hi! If you didn’t guess, I’m Christopher, a photographer from Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve been shooting since before I can really remember. A Polaroid One Touch gifted from my sister started it all. Through all the changes in my life and new hobbies I picked up, I always came back to my camera.

In professional terms, I’ve been taking work since 2007. I started out with cd artwork and portraiture, moved to weddings and events then took a hiatus to focus on family. Once I got back to shooting, I exclusively captured cityscapes for a while (had some work published) and now I’m open to whatever work I think I can make an impact with. Some folks believe that it’s necessary to focus on one thing exclusively, and I just don’t think that’s the case. All the different types of photography help hone your craft in different ways. Flexibility is always in style.

Please look around the site, and take a look at my Instagram for some additional content you may not see here. If you’re interested in booking a job, or collaborating on a project, please fill out a contact form, and I will be in touch in a flash.